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  1. Hello,
    I am Nicolas Thépot, director of L’Oeil de links a french TV program on Canal+. We spoke last week on skype.
    First of all thank you again for your time. We are finalising the program and I wonder if you have a better resolution of your videos clips you can send us. The one we took from vimeo are a bit blurry, processing and H264 compression are not best friends.
    I took excerpt from « Stickup”, « Skyline” and “Build the Cities”. Do you think it’s possible to send those 3 clips for monday ?
    you can send me through wetransfer, dropbox.
    best regards
    Nicolas Thépot

  2. I admire you
    I want to look like you’re working.
    But I do not know anything.
    Would you learn what programs?
    Did your work with any programs?
    I want to know sure.
    Please please tell me..

  3. Atom

    Hello Raven I was looking back at Karma Field’s video on stick up and I would like to know how do you do this? I’m very fascinated in your work and would like to know more. I’m inspired to make music along with visuals similar to yours. Please email me more on this topic if you can.. PS I love the monochrome theme too. -Atom

  4. daniella

    impressed by your works! there is a project coming, and we want to make it special in this way, so we would really love to contact you~~

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