Created in Mar.2013

18F44 is a further study based on EDF0 (vimeo.com/43752422), the recursive structure was first extended to three dimensional protrusion based on a regular hexagon as 18F44 demo (vimeo.com/52062612). In this version, the base regular hexagon is replaced by a group of six intersecting planes to provide more complexity. In addition, I create a more flexible controlling mechanism which allows me to separately play with each child on each level of the structure. You can see processes of “growth”, “mutation”, “protrusion” and “disintegration” in this movie clip demonstration.

The whole visual image is generated real-time in Processing.

My friend and collaborator, Wack Wang (wackwang.com), composed this amazing soundtrack for this piece of work.



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  2. Hi Raven,

    How were you able to do the part at 3:25 then zoom in?

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