1DE94 is a generative visual artwork based on two-dimensional tree map structure. Its random yet organic visual texture and motion pattern are implemented through controlling nodes on every recursion level of the tree structure. By assigning a position for each node, it is possible to dynamically change the density and pattern of the consecutive line segments within the finite space. The entire generative system is designed and developed using Processing. 

An interactive JavaScript port of 1DE94 can be experience via this link.

1DE94 is selected and used as the main visual for the 5th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, also known as “Physis – Production of Nature Human & Technology” at Hubei Museum of Art in Wuhan, PRC.

1DE94 animated interpolation transition
“当屏保蛮好”(Well-suited as a screensaver) applied on 1DE94
Exhibition “Physis” animated poster with 1DE94

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  1. Yaj

    I am a student of class 12 from India
    I want to know that How you have done this 1De94?
    Like you use Java script to make this or other such languages?
    Can you provide me content from which I can make this also

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