Created in Dec.2013

ECO was originally shown on December 8th, 2013 at West Hall 211, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. These footage were shot on May 22th, 2014 after I restored the original layout and setup of the installation, since I didn’t have a chance to do any documentary last year.

ECO is a series of real-time animations demonstrating multiple bio-inspired interactions between Algorithmic Creatures, as a continuation of integrating simulated behaviors into the project, also as a prior stage for my final master thesis project Algorithmic Menagerie.

It was originally a simple but diverse algorithmic creatures community including two species: EDF0 and CB91. These two species shared the same environment but did not significantly affect each other. As a result, no significant interactive behavior was seen during the process. Later, this became the demonstration of Neutralism, one of the six bio-interactions in ECO. The remaining five are Predation, Competition, Parasitism, Commensalism, and Mutualism.



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