Created in May.2011

Landscape was my undergraduate thesis project in 2011. It included two sets of interactive installations and four still images. The project was a reconstructive process gradually turning plain images into terrain maps in 3D based on the images’ pixel data. In this way, the audience’s experience brought about by the subject or content in the original image is much weaken, on the other hand, the image’s abstract aesthetics hidden in its digital data set emerges, providing experience from a different perspective.

The video below was an early technical demonstration for the project.

The soundtrack in the demontration video is En alguna parte by Bosques De Mi Mente.



No.2-No.4, 30cm*21cm, Tuwen Information Center @SIVA

Tuwen Information Center @SIVA

Tuwen Information Center @SIVA

Tuwen Information Center @SIVA

No.1, 30cm*21cm

No.2, 30cm*21cm

No.3, 30cm*21cm

No.4, 30cm*21cm


  1. matthew

    beautiful work. what’s the song in the video? what language did you use for this, is this in processing?

    • Thank you Matthew. The song used in the demo video is “En alguna parte” by Bosques De Mi Mente ( I didn’t notice the missing of the attribution, will add that right away, thanks again for reminding me. And yes, it was programmed using Processing.

  2. 药药


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