Portal 1.0

Created in May 2014

A projection mapping demonstration created using Processing. Real-time graphics was projected onto eight surfaces of four cardboard boxes, while real-time sound effects were generated using Beads. This demo served as a prior technical test for my future work.



The video demonstration below includes a couple of earlier tests.



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  3. Dear Raven Kwok, My name is Valentine, I am currently in charge to organize the first digital arts exhibition from Collectif Coin, a digital Artistic laboratory located in Grenoble (France). We are a small company with a really important determination to show digital artworks that makes us dream, like Portal 1.0
    Will you be interested to speak with me about it? Our exhibition is planned the 22th of october, in our space for artistic residencies, I really hope that will be possible to show your artwork.
    Many thanks for your answer,
    Valentine from Collectif Coin
    website: http://www.collectif-coin.com/

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