1. Hello,
    I am Nicolas Thépot, director of L’Oeil de links a french TV program on Canal+. We spoke last week on skype.
    First of all thank you again for your time. We are finalising the program and I wonder if you have a better resolution of your videos clips you can send us. The one we took from vimeo are a bit blurry, processing and H264 compression are not best friends.
    I took excerpt from « Stickup”, « Skyline” and “Build the Cities”. Do you think it’s possible to send those 3 clips for monday ?
    you can send me through wetransfer, dropbox.
    best regards
    Nicolas Thépot

  2. I admire you
    I want to look like you’re working.
    But I do not know anything.
    Would you learn what programs?
    Did your work with any programs?
    I want to know sure.
    Please please tell me..

  3. Atom

    Hello Raven I was looking back at Karma Field’s video on stick up and I would like to know how do you do this? I’m very fascinated in your work and would like to know more. I’m inspired to make music along with visuals similar to yours. Please email me more on this topic if you can.. PS I love the monochrome theme too. -Atom

  4. Jiaxin Lin

    Hello, my name is Jiaxin Lin and I am a digital art student at Bowling Green State university, my professor assigned my class an assignment to research one algorithmic artist and I found you from a list of algorithmic artists and yours stood out to me the most. So, I was wondering if you’re willing to answer some question I have lined up for you so I can present you and your work to my class?

  5. daniella

    impressed by your works! there is a project coming, and we want to make it special in this way, so we would really love to contact you~~

  6. tik lau

    Hi Raven,

    Love your work.
    Do you work for tv commerical projects?


  7. Hey Raven, can you please reach out to me regarding availability and rates?

    We have some upcoming generative work that would be a good fit.


  8. Hi.
    I’m organizing the 8th edition of the Digital Art Biennal of Lima.
    It will show up in November/December 2020.
    Are you intersted to participate? If so contact me at
    Umberto Roncoroni
    Artware8 curator
    University of Lima, Peru

  9. Hi Raven, sent you a message via LinkedIn and Twitter, may I have an e-mail address to send an invite? Thanks,

  10. Magnus Liavåg

    Hi Raven,

    In connection to a uni assignment I would like to hear from you if it is possible to be granted permission to use some of your work for this purpose.

    The project is a small magazine about datamosh / glitchart. I am a big fan of your work, and I wanted to include some of your work in this. Currently the magazine only uses dummy text along with some of your work. The magazine won’t be published or shown of anywhere until clearance is granted.

    Currently the magazine features the following of your work:

    2x images from ”194D^3”
    1x image from ”Jellyhead”
    1x image from ”Rule 110”
    1x image from ”1DDCB”

    If I get no answer I will be discarding all of the images used. Currently the magazine will only be shown off privately to the teacher(s) evaluating the project. However, in the future I might be interested in showing off the magazine in my portfolio. Please let me know if you allow this.

    The magazine will serve only as a concept, and will never printed and / or sold. If you would like to know more I can be reached via e-mail:

    Thank you,

  11. I really like your work, I wonder if there is any chance to add your works to my collection, I focus on generative and digital art and really would like to have one work from you !

  12. Hi Raven,

    I’ve been attempting to contact you in reference to an invitation to present your work. Please send me a note 🙂


  13. Ali

    Hello Raven, I truly admire your work and as a programmer, myself am really interested in trying to learn. Would you possibly have a moment to share some insight knowledge regarding the tools you use so that I could seek them out? I realize that you are very busy and this is probably asking a lot but either way, cheers 🙂

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