Created in Sep.2013

1194D is originally a tweak of 115C8, one of my “Algorithmic Creature” series based on recursive triangle subdivision. The idea and complexity of the work started to go beyond the initial expectation after I decided to experiment with multiple “creatures” co-existing within the environment. So I created this grid with regular tetrahedron as its unit cell, put these triangle-based “creatures” into this environment and tested their mutation and combination in various ways.

The entire work is programmed and generated in Processing, with a few scenes using some blur and blend modes in Premiere during composition stage.

The soundtrack is “mac os and windows (re:interpretation)” by +.




  1. 药药


  2. Jeroen

    Hi there! I really enjoy your work and i would like to have some wallpapers of those colored geometry screenshots. Can you make them in a higher resolution? Or perhaps 4K?

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hey raven! I’ve just stumbled across your work incidentally as I was looking for some new creative art designs, I was wondering if you produce any of your work into wallpapers? specifically 1920 x 1080, I’d love to have a background slideshow of this Intriguingly Zen Artwork. Thanks ^.^

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