Created in Jul.2018

This generative video piece is commissioned by a.testoni for its store launch at Jiuguang Department Store in Shanghai, China.

Visual elements and motions are partially inspired by three of the brand’s features – Spiral sewing technique, Brogue pattern and crocodile leather texture.

The entire video is programmed and generated using Processing.

Music: Harbor by Kai Engel ( 2017 ) licensed under CC BY 4.0.

针对中国用户,若Vimeo 视频无法显示,可以观看下方MANA版本

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  1. Ennio Bianco

    We would like to present this video in the “Digital Art for Branding”, a section of the Second Design Festival which will be held at the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso (Italy) next spring.
    We would therefore like to have your authorization.
    My name is Ennio Bianco and I am the curator of this section.
    I will be present at your lesson at the Muda in Zurich on February 21 and the next day at your personal exhibition, however I cannot wait until that date to have your authorization, because the communication office needs to print the catalogs.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you.

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