Created in Mar 2020

Derived from Kwok’s piece Autotroph created back in 2018, Autotroph.OBJ is an experiment to objectify the former’s algorithmic structure and transform it into a light installation.

The original polygon-based drawing method is revised to export .svg path per recursion level instead, with each cell hollowed out from the parental boundary. All .svg paths are later engraved onto acrylic glass sheets and sorted in order of recursion level. A customized lighting pattern travels back and forth between the first and last layer of the glasses, creating a subtle animation of cell division.

Autotroph.OBJ is created for and premiered at Kwok’s solo exhibition at MuDA in Zurich, Switzerland in Mar 2020. Special thanks to Roman Gonsor, who handles production of the piece.

针对中国用户,若Vimeo 视频无法显示,可以观看下方MANA 版本


  1. Yueying Zhong

    Hi Raven,

    I am a year 3 Architecture student from the University of Liverpool. I’ve been doing researches on generative arts and interactive performances for my final year project. I’m very impressed by your works and would like to take them as the inspiration for my design of a pavilion. Is there any chance that you could share more information about your works or the working process? Many thanks!


    • Yueying Zhong

      I wonder if you could share the codes for Processing with us? Or any other photos or sketches for the making would do as well! Many thanks.

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