Created in 2017

A collaboration with Symmetry Labs at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco. Derivatives of multiple generative rules I designed in the past were adapted to an interactive LED floor.

The video demo includes 6 visual sets and transitions in between. Set 01 is an adaption of 1DFBD, which was also used in a couple of projection mapping tests in 2014. Set 03 is derived from an untitled turbulence piece created in 2014 as well. Similar to Set 03, all agents in Set 04 are driven by 3D Perlin Noise flow field. However, instead of being an emitter spawning agents, each dot functions as an attractor intervening in the flow, same way as it did in 2BCD.

Music used under CC BY-NC in the video is Plate Grayscale by Blue Dot Sessions.





  1. HINSS

    Hi could you tell me the technology of this led floor? I really want to know how to make it.

    • Basically a grid of LED panels with infrared sensors attached below.

  2. HINSS

    And use infrared sensors to catch the behave of user?

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