Created in Sep.2018

Octree.OBJ is a generative art + visualization installation commissioned by Gensler Shanghai.

The goal of this project is to adapt an octree-based generative system I designed and implemented back in early 2015 into a stylish visualization program to showcase selected architectural designs done by Gensler Shanghai.

Its core algorithm is derived from the system that generates visual for the chorus part of the track Build the Cities, where an octree constantly subdivides and eventually reveals an abstract pseudo cityscape. However, unlike BTC, in which only one aerial view depth-map is fed into the system, Octree.OBJ uses five depth-maps from different viewpoints to get results with higher resolution and recognizability.

Due to the difference between Processing and other CAD software on measurement and coord system orientation, I implemented a separate depth-map generator to standardize all .OBJ models and export corresponding sets of depth-maps.

Both the visualization program and the depth-map generator are programmed using Processing.

On-site photos courtesy of Junchao 俊超.

针对中国用户,若Vimeo 视频无法显示,可以观看下方MANA版本

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