Portal 2.0

Created in Jul.2014

As a continuation of Portal 1.0, Portal 2.0 is a dynamic perspective demonstration created using Processing. It is an illusionary space based on one projection surface in real world, containing teleporting morphing spheres within. The parameters for both camera and frustum were computed in real-time based on the viewer’s position within the space. The viewer could use his/her voice to spawn the spheres and see how they interact with each other as well as the Portal environment. Real-time sound effects were generated using Beads.

The video was documented as a first person perspective experience.

Special thanks to my research advisor Benjamin Chia-Ming Chang.



The video demonstration below is my earlier test of POV (Perspective of Viewer) tracking at Emergent Reality Lab, Rensselaer Technology Park.



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  2. Brilliant and inspiring!

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