Created in Jan.2016

1DDCB is a hybrid, blending mechanics and visual forms used in the generative systems for Skyline Stickup. As always, this system is programmed using Processing, and produces the visual for Karma Fields‘ New Age Dark Age debut album teaser.

Like Stickup1DDCB consists of multiple layers of quadtree structures that recursively subdivide themselves to random patterns. The vertices of each cell within the quadtree are used as seeds to generate a layer of Voronoi tessellation, collectively forming a fragmental geometric chaos.

针对中国用户,若Vimeo 视频无法显示,可以观看下方MANA版本


  1. Tala

    This is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for the album to come out so I can see more of your unique visuals for newer songs. What or who was your inspiration for creating such mind-blowing designs?

  2. GP

    Fully agree with the post above, truly inspiring work!

    I can not believe I missed Processing till today, brings back memories about QC and VVVV/MAX/FTS 🙂

    May I ask which draw size you use? This would look absolutely amazing in 4K 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    • Thanks. I’ve been mostly using 1080p so far.

  3. Noah

    Was this made in Adobe After Effects? If so, what plugins did you use? I really like this style and I would absolutely love to create work like this some day. Keep it up! Awesome work man!

    • a

      He creates them with programming

  4. Anonymous

    I really need a full version of this with the full song. Please do it, PLEASE

  5. Hi,

    Love this one!

    Looking to get my visuals posted, as I just started working on my domain.

    What have you found to be the best way to keep the audio synced while exporting?


    • Or are you simply matching up the track on export?

  6. MarcusAGConti

    what kind of software or hardware do you use to perform this amazing art it’s Awesome

  7. I admire you
    I want to look like you’re working.
    But I do not know anything.
    Would you learn what programs?
    Did your work with any programs?
    I want to know sure.
    Please please tell me..

  8. TJ the Juggler

    Wow! That is really great! I have a few questions/ideas:

    would it be possible to make a vizualiazer that is privately listening to the song slightly ahead of playing the song and visualizing the song so that the vizualizer could do stuff that is slightly predictive of what it is about to happen?

    What about having different sorts of vizualizer patterns that get used once certain sound patterns appear in songs?

    Here is an example that combines those 2 ideas, obviously all the times are irrelevant, butmusic starts and it is just a drum beat and a simple black/white shape vizualizer, about 20 seconds in a tiny red dot appears behind the shapes and begins to grow into a circle, at 30 seconds vocals kick in at which time the red circle starts changing to the vocals. At 50 seconds vocals stop and all red goes away, just drums are now playing, at 1:10 the red dot reappears and just continues to grow until the vocals start again at 1:20 at which time the red shapes begins changing again.

    I don’t know if this idea is carrying well through my words or not, but what do you think, is this possible?

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