Created in Feb.2016

Greatness is a code-based generative lyrics video I directed and programmed for the track Greatness by Karma Fields featuring Talib Kweli. The entire lyrics video consists of multiple variations of a customized generative system programmed using Processing.

The system is developed from the one earlier used to produce visuals for Skyline, still retaining Voronoi tessellation as its core element. Ricard Marxer Piñón‘s Geomerative lib is also used for getting vertices data of the typeface.

针对中国用户,若Vimeo 视频无法显示,可以观看下方MANA版本


  1. Rizki Maulana

    Your programming skills are absolutely fantastic. It’s a wonder how you are able to create such unique and artistic music videos; I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m glad that you and Karma Fields are working together.
    Simply amazing content

  2. Moritz Neumann

    Hi just wanted to say that your Videos are Great.
    As a fellow coder i would like to know what Software / IDE you use for these fantastic Videos with what language 🙂

    • Thanks.

      Like I briefly mentioned in every post, I used Processing ( for this project, also most of my generative pieces. It is based on Java with a simplified syntax, and it comes with an IDE. But you can also use other IDEs like Eclipse, Sublime Text, etc. for development.

      • Moritz Neumann

        Man i’d kill to get my hands on your code :]
        Unfortunetely i dont know too much java ;__;
        Can you tell me where i should start, if i want to make some code based visualizations too.

        Great work on “Edge of the World” by the way the Song and the Music is just awesome and fit so well together.

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  4. Drake

    I love your work! Would you consider making tutorials of your own one day?

  5. Simply amazing art. This is GREATNESS. 😉

  6. Charles Kimball

    I love your work!

    If you don’t mind answering… How do you time the functions with the music? I can’t think of a way other than using if elses and frame count

  7. Hello Raven Kwok!
    Your work is simply soooo amazing and inspirational! Love how you work the visuals with the music in all of your videos 🙂 Do you work with other bands at all ? We are an experimental band mixing songwriting with noise and visuals and dance and we are needing to get some videos done for our music.. Where are you based? Thanks

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